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 We have a variety of products designed to help physicians in business. 

Check out our three unique compilations of practice data unsurpassed in the health care industry. Focusing on staff salary statistics, new-doctor compensation, and the goodwill values of practices, the publications survey practices nationwide for the most comprehensive information. Please note that under "Goodwill Registry Online by Specialty" each specialty from the Goodwill Registry is sold separately in this part of the Online Store where the purchaser gains immediate access to a PDF file for download and retention. 

Ranging from income division and managed care to buy-ins and pay-outs to practice management survival skills, The Health Care Group® has authored the books you need to effectively manage a practice and prosper as a physician. 

Compliance Series
Is your practice up to date with all compliance regulations? Do you need to update your current manuals? The Compliance Series can quickly get you started on updating current procedures or implementing new ones for your practice. 


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