Ophthalmology Staff Salary Survey Summary

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    2023 Ophthalmology Staff Salary Survey Summary Report is now available in PDF format only.

    As personnel costs escalate and competition for quality staff in ophthalmology practices increase, an accurate guide to salary and benefit levels is increasingly essential. The Ophthalmology Staff Salary Survey Summary Report provides nationwide salary statistics for 48 key office positions for ophthalmology practices. There are approximately 247 practices that participated in this summary report containing approximately 9,972 different staff salaries. Organized by position, years of service, and locale, the Ophthalmology Staff Salary Survey Summary Report also provides data on benefits, salary increases, reviews and paid days off.

    The participation in this survey has significantly declined, therefore, we regret that we are not producing the full Ophthalmology Staff Salary Survey containing the detailed report organized by the Metropolitan Statistical Area, division, state, and practice gross revenue.

    The summary reports for each position are organized by geographic regions. Regional designations in the 2023 Ophthalmology Staff Salary Survey Summary Report are:

    • Midwest
    • Northeast
    • South
    • West

    The salaries are displayed not only with average salaries but also includes the 25th percentile, median, 75th percentile and 90th percentile.

    The Ophthalmology Staff Salary Survey Summary Report is an invaluable tool, which can assist your practice in comparing your salaries and benefits with national averages. You can also use this important staff information for benchmarking and trend analysis.

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