: There are many "health care groups." Who are you?

Answer: We are The Health Care Group®. We are the original, the first company to be known as "The Health Care Group." HCG was founded by Leif C. Beck, Esq., in 1970, and shortly thereafter changed our name, legally, to The Health Care Group®. Over the years, many of our competitors have used all or part of our name for their own companies, in violation of our registered service mark. Although they may attempt to trade on our reputation, they do not have our talent, experience, or in-depth understanding of medical group practices.

Question: I have heard about the Goodwill Registry. What is it?

Answer: The Goodwill Registry is one of three annual surveys published by HCG. The other two annual HCG surveys are the Staff Salary Survey and the Physician Starting Salary Survey. Since its inception in 1981, the Goodwill Registry has been a national clearinghouse for more than 3,000 practice valuations. It is the primary source for "comparable sales" approaches to determining goodwill value. Home buyers and brokers rely on similar methodologies. The largest and most comprehensive compilation of actual market data available, the Goodwill Registry is the definitive resource for valuing medical-practice intangibles for physicians and their advisors. For more information, or to order the Goodwill Registry, the Staff Salary Survey or the Physician Starting Salary Survey, CLICK HERE.

Question: Who are your clients?

Answer: Most of our clients are medical and dental practices and physicians and dentists. For an idea of what services we provide them, browse our website. A good place to start might be on the "Services" page. We do, however, occasionally work with other health care entities and professionals, managed care organizations, state and specialty medical societies, publishers and publications, and others.

Question: Where have I heard about HCG before?

Answer: It is quite possible that you know of us from a colleague or friend, or that you have read something we have written or heard us speak. Our consultants and attorneys frequently write and lecture on a wide range of medical practice management and business, health care and business law, and other subjects. We routinely contribute to publications such as:

AAOMS Today Magazine
AAOS Bulletin
Administrative Eyecare
American Medical News
Astra's Between Rounds online magazine
Group Practice Journal
Medical Economics
Medical Practice Management
Ophthalmology Management
and many others

We also have lectured for hundreds of organizations, such as:

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Medical Group Management Association
Guidant, Inc./Boston Scientific Corporation
Healthcare Financial Management Association
American Academy of Ophthalmology
American College of Surgeons
American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery/American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators
Radiology Business Managers Association
American Academy of Pediatrics
Ethicon, Inc.
The Inga Ellzey Practice Group
Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
American College of Rheumatology
and many others

Question: Where is The Health Care Group® located?

Answer: In Suburban Philadelphia. Our offices are at 120 W. Germantown Pike, Suite 100, Plymouth Meeting, PA in the Meetinghouse Business Center which is a few short miles from downtown Philadelphia.

Question: Are you connected with (or part of) the "XYZ Health Care Group"?

Answer: The Health Care Group® is not associated with, affiliated with, connected to, or part of any other organization. However, there are several organizations with prominent websites that use "health care group" to designate their companies or sections of their companies. For example, banks and other financial institutions are fond of arranging their representatives into task forces and giving these units names such as the "(XYZ Bank) Health Care Group." We are "The Health Care Group®." Please note that the superscript symbol (®) represents our registered service mark. Only we can legally call ourselves "The Health Care Group." Accept no substitutes, and if your browser takes you to another site when you want to visit us, let us know.

How do you participate in The Health Care Group's Staff Salary Survey for 2023?

September 2022

Dear Doctor:

The Health Care Group, Inc. continues to gather and disseminate statistics on ophthalmology, medical, dental and other professional practice staff salaries and pay increases, organized by job position, years of service, practice specialty, geographic region, and by practice gross revenue.

The Staff Salary Survey Summary Report is a valuable resource to practice owners, administrators, managers and advisors throughout the nation. Your participation in the Staff Salary Survey Summary process is vital to enable us to present you with the best information possible. In return for your participation, we will e-mail you a summary report of the survey results in PDF format. The 2023 Staff Salary Survey Summary Report will be available to non-participants for $122.50.

For the questionnaire in PDF format, click the below link to view, complete and print the questionnaire.

View Editable Questionnaire in PDF format


For the questionnaire in Excel format, click the below link to view, complete and print the questionnaire.

View Questionnaire in Excel format

To be certain you receive your summary version of the 2023 Staff Salary Survey Summary Report, please postmark your return envelope, or fax your completed survey to 610-828-3658 by October 28, 2022. Alternatively, feel free to email the completed form to csprows@healthcaregroup.com. Please use only one method of submission. If you fax your information, please use a cover page, indicate the number of pages included and the person's name and phone number authorized to verify questionable salary survey information. You will also be automatically entered into HCG's random drawing of a $200 Gift Card. We will send an email confirming receipt of the completed form. If you do not receive an email confirmation within two weeks after submission, please contact Cheryl Sprows at 610.828.3888, ext. 3350.

Thank you for your support of The Health Care Group's Staff Salary Survey Summary Report and our other special research projects.



Mark E. Kropiewnicki, JD, LLM
Meetinghouse Business Center
120 West Germantown Pike, Suite 100,
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462-1421
Phone: 610-828-3888 • Facsimile: 610-828-3658