Mark E. Kropiewnicki, JD, LLM

Mark E. Kropiewnicki, JD, LLM is a principal attorney with and President of Health Care Law Associates, P.C. and a principal consultant with and President/Treasurer of The Health Care Group, Inc.

Mr. Kropiewnicki regularly advises physicians and medical practices (in particular, ophthalmology and radiology practices) on their contracting matters, business and tax law obligations, and regulatory requirements such as Stark and anti-kickback laws. He has merged, valued, and restructured hundreds of traditional and nontraditional medical practices. He has successfully helped countless physicians and medical practices with their new doctor employment, income division, buy-in, and pay-out arrangements.

As a practice management consultant, Mr. Kropiewnicki helps physicians and medical practices determine their practice-related business objectives and structure their business deals and transactions. As an attorney, he develops and then implements legal solutions that allow healthcare providers to achieve their practice-related business objectives, deals and transactions while complying with the vast array of laws and regulations governing the business of healthcare.

Mr. Kropiewnicki has written and lectured extensively on new doctor employment, income division, goodwill, buy-in, and pay-out arrangements as well as a wide range of other practice management and health law subjects. He is a regular presenter at the annual meetings of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and ASCRS/ASOA. He often has been interviewed and quoted by newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and television and radio stations on a variety of health care business, financial, and legal topics. He holds law degrees from the New York University and Temple University Schools of Law.