Client Inquiries


New Physician Hires

• What salary should I offer to a new physician associate?
• What bonus should I offer?
• How long is the track to partnership?
• What are other important contract terms?


• How should I price the buy-in to my practice?
• How should the buy-in be structured in terms of stock payment versus income adjustments?
• What is a fair compensation formula for the partner?
• What documents do I need to make the partnership happen?

Health Law and Compliance

• How should our group practice divide ancillary revenues so as not to violate Stark?
• If I lease space in my office to a referring physician, is this a fraud and abuse issue?
• What are the legal issues for establishing a pathology lab in my practice?
• Should my associate physician provider be an employee or contractor?

Compensation Planning

• I am taking on my first partner. What is the fair way to divide our profit?
• Some of the high producers in our group want to change our formula. What is the best approach?

Sales and Mergers

• What is my practice worth?
• Should I sell the stock of my corporation or assets?
• What are the tax issues?
• How do we merge our separate group practice?

Hospital Relationships

• What are the key terms for our exclusive contract with the hospital (anesthesia, radiology, pathology)?
• What kind of stipend should we get from the hospital (anesthesia)?

Buy-Outs and Phase Downs

• We don't have any partnership agreement and our senior doctor is retiring soon. What is a fair buy-out price?
• Our senior physician wants to cut back to two days per week and drop call. If we allow this, what kind of
   compensation should he get? Should we buy him out now or later?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

• We are setting up an ambulatory surgery center. Should we have a separate entity for this?
• Our associate physician is buying into our medical practice. For buy-in purposes, what value should be assigned to
  the surgery center, which is separately incorporated?
• I have been offered shares in an ASC. Is the pricing fair?

• What terms should be in the Operating Agreement for our ASC/LLC?


• Our associate doctor is leaving to compete. He says we must send a letter to his patients to avoid patient 
   abandonment. Is that true?

• We want to terminate our female/minority physician. Is there going to be a legal problem?
• I am leaving my group practice. I have a non-compete clause. Is this really enforceable?

Associate Contract Reviews

• I have an employment offer from a good practice. I want to make sure I am legally protected. Are the contract terms fair?
• I have an employment offer. Are the salary and bonus market-standard? When should I be offered partnership.

Retirement Planning

• I want to set up a retirement plan for my practice. What is the best plan?
• My current plan seems very expensive in terms of benefits and staff. Is there a way to make it more economical, 
  while preserving the benefits for doctors?