New Doctors Contracts
: HCG has drafted countless new doctor employment agreements. Our expertise includes not only the legal wording of the contract but also advising on the salary, bonus, benefits and buy-in provisions that go into these contracts. HCG also advises associate physicians who are deciding whether to sign such contracts and how to negotiate them.

Buy-Ins: For the past 50 years, HCG has always been the leading firm on buy-in standards and approaches. We help practices develop buy-in models that fit their practices and their financial circumstances. We guide practices towards an appropriate valuation for buy-in and assist with negotiations with the new partners.

HCG also represents associate physicians who are being presented with buy-in offers. We help the associate physician evaluate the fairness and financial feasibility of the offer, and negotiate appropriate changes.

Inter-Doctor Arrangements: HCG has four decades of experience in creating viable contracts and partnership agreements to define the relationships among doctors and ensure equitable arrangements for compensation, governance and buy out.

Corporate Counsel: HCG attorneys advise on choice-of-entity issues (corporation versus LLC), employment/personnel law, software and other vendor contracts, managed care agreements, lease agreements, and other general business law issues.

Sale or Merger: HCG has advised physicians on countless sale, merger, joint venture and other important transactions.

Hospital Contracts: HCG has years of experience advising radiology, anesthesiology, and pathology groups on their hospital contracts and relationships.

Government Regulations and Compliance: HCG attorneys have many years of experience helping practices implement and maintain effective programs to ensure compliance with the myriad federal, state and local regulations affecting the medical profession. Stark, Medicare fraud and abuse, employment law, HIPAA security or privacy concerns, Medicare supervision, billing and reimbursement requirements, anti-markups, fee splitting and other legal questions are all addressed by us on a regular basis.

Practice Valuation: HCG has more than 50 years of experience in gauging practice values. We recognize the importance of determining the worth of your practice not only for purposes of evaluating sales potential, but also for developing equitable buy-in and pay-out arrangements.

Retirement Plans and Employee Benefits: HCG consultants know that compensation and personnel benefits costs are a major concern for any practice. A comprehensive benefits package promotes not only employee satisfaction, but also loyalty to the practice and protection for the future.  Employers as well as employees want the greatest possible return for every dollar, but it takes informed management to ensure that a proper balance is struck between the cost of funding the plan and the return on this practice investment.