Goodwill Registry & Goodwill Registry Toolkit 

The Goodwill Registry is the nation's largest database of health care practice transactions and the only source of actual goodwill values paid. Published by The Health Care Group® every spring since 1981, the Goodwill Registry contains data organized by medical/dental specialty, state, location, and other practice characteristics. Many medical/dental practice advisors, valuation experts and others find the information published in the Goodwill Registry to be an extremely useful tool, not only for ad hoc and formal practice valuations, but also for practice value trend analysis and more.  Each report includes state, location, the valuation reason, valuation method, practice gross revenue, overhead percent, practice price, goodwill value and goodwill value expressed as percent of practice gross revenue. 

The user-friendly Goodwill Registry Toolkit contains the Goodwill Registry's database of intangible ("goodwill") values of medical, dental and other practices. The Toolkit includes a variety of metrics and analysis options for evaluating practice goodwill and allows for easy creation of graphs at a keystroke. For those of you more interested in the Goodwill Registry's data than the analysis features, the Toolkit provides easy export to Excel. It also contains a PDF file of the entire 165 page print version. The Toolkit allows quick and easy analysis of the Goodwill Registry's goodwill and other transactional data.

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Do not install on network server. Not for multi-users.  The information contained in the Goodwill Registry may not be reproduced for commercial use or resold without the written permission of The Health Care Group, Inc. 


Please be advised that this is not available in PDF format.  Delivery options include Next Day Delivery.

  The Goodwill Registry Toolkit is a Windows-based program and therefore is not compatible with MAC computers. Please note that the application software includes a PDF of the print version so that you can print it at your convenience. If you prefer to print 165 pages or just view print version, please click here http://www.healthcaregroup.com/page18.html to order the Toolkit (application software). A USB flash drive can be furnished upon request for older versions. Please call during normal business hours at 800.473.0032 or email products@healthcaregroup.com