Model Medical Practice Personnel Policy Manual & Workplace Harassment Training Compliance Plan

This Personnel Policy Manual template covers the issues that you should address in formulating your own Personnel Policy Manual. Easily tailored to your practice, it describes the issues and recommends how to handle them.

As Personnel Policy Manuals are increasingly relied upon when practices grow, it is important that all of the issues are covered and that your practice follows its own policies rather than taking an ad hoc approach to discipline, wage determinations and the like. This Manual presents the issues that you need to address in formulating your own manual, such as confidentiality, termination, and how you handle harassment. An effective manual increases your office efficiency, and improves job satisfaction. Get the guidance you need and fine tune your existing manual or implement a new one today.

For guidance in preparing your practice's manual, consult the Model Medical Practice Personnel Policy Manual, written by The Health Care Group, Inc. Fully customizable to your practice via USB, this Model Medical Practice Personnel Policy Manual helps your practice create an effective manual that will serve your practice's unique needs.

A Training Module covering how to recognize and deal with workplace harassment offers practice administrators and managers instructions on how to handle complaints and investigations. This PowerPoint Training Module is designed to fulfill your workplace educational requirements.

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