Ophthalmology Practice Buy-Ins and Pay-Outs


What kinds of arrangements are appropriate when a physician buys into a practice? Are you aware of the usual steps taken when a doctor leaves a practice? In the past, the solutions to these questions were fairly simple. Due to new tax concerns and economic changes, the answers have been modified and have gotten more complex. Ophthalmology Practice Buy-Ins and Pay-Outs reviews and discusses these situations, incorporating the factors that affect the entry or exit of a physician. This book walks you through the valuation principles, offers language suggestions, and explains each of the concepts necessary to protect the practice. Each chapter offers a step-by-step analysis of a buy-in or a pay-out. Appendices include sample documents, including shareholders' agreements, employment agreements, and stock option letters. Ophthalmology Practice Buy-Ins and Pay-Outs is an invaluable resource guiding you through the scenarios associated with incoming and outgoing partners.

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