2020 Physician Starting Salary Survey

Published annually by The Health Care Group, the Physician Starting Salary Survey collects and collates data on new physician compensation.

This guide reports not only the initial year of starting physicians' salary and incentives, but also the second and third years. It also includes information about co-ownership provisions, benefits and restrictive covenants. The survey is categorized by year, specialty and location, e.g., suburban PA.

Survey results are based on information provided by The Health Care Group. This valuable tool is offered free of charge as a service to the profession. If you add the item to your shopping cart, you will receive an email confirmation after checking out that provides you the link for downloading the file.

The Physician Starting Salary Survey provides information about what practices similar to yours are doing, in terms of establishing salary and benefit amounts for new physician associates. These figures are the basic elements of establishing the optimal salary and benefit amounts for physicians entering your practice.

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